We Got a Situation With The Federation

Over the last week my team has received reports from customers running both MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010 that Federated Search Results are no longer working. The Federated location in question seems to be centered around Bing/live.com.

I setup a test this morning in my SP2010 lab and I can confirm the out of the box (OOB) ‘Internet Search Results’ Federated location is no longer working. In fact when you add the Federated Web Part on a Search Results page and choose this location a very long delay will occur when attempting to render the search results page. Doing a sniff I can see the original request for search.live.com gets redirected to bing.com which has been typical in the past however the difference is that instead of being an RSS response, as specified in the format query string parameter, the response is sent back in HTML which injects a delay as the results are processed. Eventually the results cannot be processed and the Search Federated Results Web Part does not render any output.

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A Search SQL Index Issue

Ran into an issue the other day on SharePoint 2010 Search when configuring Managed Properties, specifically I was setting the MaxCharactersInPropertyStoreIndex value on a Managed Property. This is an integer value and is documented here. The maximum value for this property is 450 however if you set this value to its maximum value you will start seeing errors with your crawls and in our case the crawls never would complete. Taking a look at the application event log we can see the following error logged:

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Transform Your Search Results

In a previous blog post I talked about how you can use XSLT to display additional Managed properties returned from Search. In this post I want to talk about the method I went about to create the XSLT in the hopes that you find it an interesting enough pattern to use should you find yourself creating some of the same visualizations for Search, the CQWP, Lists, or the BCS WebParts which all use XSL to transform XML into HTML.

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Pimp Document Ratings within SharePoint Search Results

A good friend of mine Steve Peschka did a blog post during the SharePoint 2010 Beta which shows how to include a document’s rating within search results without writing any code. Well its been almost a year since that post and allot of things have changed. Since we RTM’ed SharePoint 2010 there are several key components to that blog that no longer work and this post is an attempt to update and hopefully add a little to the effort he started.

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Searching For An Error?

So lets say you create a new site based on the Team template and you would like to create a search center site under that same site collection. So you navigate to Site Actions – New Site and maybe you choose the Enterprise Search Center template and provide a name for your new site and hit “Create”. Well you may be presented with an error like this one…The dreaded unexpected error has occurred error, yuk (failure #1).

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