The Crucial Upgrade

I have been running with a 256GB Crucial C300 in my Lenovo W520 for  a while now and it has been great. I love the performance and I love to see applications pop (vs poop) open. Someone, I forget who, tweeted the other day about a great deal on Amazon on a Crucial M4 for $399 so I hit Amazon, did the 2 day Amazon Prime ship and here I sit with a new drive just populated with Acronis True Image Home 2011.

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The Lenovo’s W520 not a W510 + 10

I have a Lenovo W510 and after reading Keith Combs’ review of the W520 I itching to get my hands on one. My new W520 arrived a couple of weeks ago – the part which I was most excited about was the new internal disk controller which moved from a SATA II to a SATA III. A long while back, just as they hit the market, I purchased a Crucial C300 which when I initially installed in my T61 cranked out some huge performance gains. I then moved it to a W510 and again saw another level of performance out of this drive. As with the other machines installing the C300 installing into the W520 I was not disappointed.

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SSD Disk Allocation Size Test

Once every couple of years or so Microsoft provides me with a new laptop. This time around it was a Lenovo W510 with a quad proc (8x if you count Hyper-Threading) with 16 GB of RAM. Although the machine came with a standard 7200 RPM drive I already had two SSD drives which I plopped into the machine within minutes. Because I was moving data around and wanted to optimize things if I could on disk I wanted to look at the allocation size I used to format the SSD drives to see if I could not eek out any additional performance. Using the secondary drive as my test I formatted the OCZ 120 GB drive using the minimum, default, and maximum allocation sizes available.

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