Old McDonald Had a SharePoint Farm E-I-E…IO – Part 2

As an unplanned follow up to my previous post I wanted to reply to some of the feedback I received and take another run at this little IO test. The feedback was generally around what I tested rather than the why and how. I had no doubt the why was super clear and I was not interested in debating the how because as I said before this is a very informal test so I am glad I did not receive either of those remarks. As for the what feedback it boiled down as:

  • You get what you pay for at $9 a month for Azure and free for EC2 what did you expect?
  • Try testing on a more realistic platform, one that someone may actually expect decent IO.
  • How about a newer Cloud Ready OS bro?
  • Hey buddy, we are friends and I work for Rackspace, so why didn’t you include them in the mix?

All are fair comments so lets take another stab at this and see what paying a bit more money can get us.


For those that did not read the previous post, the reason I am doing this testing is because the general feeling from a few of us using VMs running in the cloud is the IO seems or feels pretty slow. While Amazon, Windows Azure, and RS give you options when it comes to the number CPUs, network speed, disk space, and RAM it seems when it comes to disk IO you get what you get. While Amazon EC2 does give you designators such as low or high IO for some of their instances, there is no real indication of what that actually means or how it compares to other providers.

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Old McDonald Had a SharePoint Farm E-I-EIO?

Update: Check out Part 2.

On an email distribution list yesterday someone commented on the disappointing IO performance they received while running a SharePoint Farm with VM roles in Windows Azure. As an Azure user I too had noticed the IO did feel a bit sluggish but with a super fast SSD in my laptop just about any VM these days feels that way. Just a few days earlier I was checking out Amazon™s EC2 pricing and it appears the cost to run a VM in EC2 vs. Azure appear to be about the same for about the same configuration. So naturally the next question is, of the two cloud services which offers better IO?

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