Doing a SPRead

I get asked all the time about a good SharePoint reading list. I have always found the SharePoint MCM reading lists a really good start. Some of these items are blogs and papers with additional links which if the reader follows those will normally find it could take a good amount of time to traverse the entire list. There are quite a few SharePoint books out there too but these lists do not include any books. Here are the links to the SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 Pre-Reading List for the SharePoint MCM program.

SharePoint 2010 MCM Reading List

SharePoint 2007 MCM Reading List

So get your learn on and start reading!

2 thoughts on “Doing a SPRead

  1. Good reading lists, indeed!
    There are three books on the 2007 list, but that was so long ago, I can’t blame you forgetting. Back then, Borders still had physical stores where one could buy the books, though I used


    1. If memory severs, I developed the DB locally and split it there. Then I put the back end on a shared drive and updated links in the front-end so the front end pointed to the back end. Once I confirmed that was working, I uploaded a copy of the front end to the SharePoint document library, and then edited the data connections to point at the back end (still on the shared drive). And then I tested that from a few different locations to make sure it was all working well. I have also run one where the front end and back end were in the same SharePoint document library and it worked, but I haven’t tested it to see if it holds up when multiple people are using it that way. My biggest problem, so far, has been that people tend to check out the front end from the document library and leave it checked out. There’s no need to check out the front end, unless you’re a developer making a change to the front end. Paradoxically, opening the front end read only allows you to edit the data in the back end. The read only only applies to design changes, but this is hard to get across to end users.


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