The Crucial Upgrade

I have been running with a 256GB Crucial C300 in my Lenovo W520 for  a while now and it has been great. I love the performance and I love to see applications pop (vs poop) open. Someone, I forget who, tweeted the other day about a great deal on Amazon on a Crucial M4 for $399 so I hit Amazon, did the 2 day Amazon Prime ship and here I sit with a new drive just populated with Acronis True Image Home 2011.

But before I did the switch-a-roo I ran a ATTO Disk Benchmark of the C300 and then the M4 just to make sure I was feeling the love from Crucial and it appears we are off to a good start. What is crazy is that at the time of this post the C300 on NewEgg is still more expensive than the M4 on Amazon, heck the M4 on NewEgg is cheaper too (and they just matched Amazon’ s price within the last couple of days).

Important: Check out the scale at the bottom of the graph.


Crucial C300

Crucial M4

5 thoughts on “The Crucial Upgrade

  1. Interesting to see that the m4 performs that much better than the C300. I’ve got a couple C300s that I still use in a laptop and I have to say that I’m debating parting with them and upgrading.

    As for the reason for the higher price of the C300- not really certain ‘cept that there was talk a while back that the longevity of the 45nm (C300 versus the 32nm (m4) was of concern. Something to do with the 32nm being more susceptible to cells aging faster due to the spacing of the cells and their ability to be reused. Uncertain if that’s a whole bunch of hokem or the truth. Nevertheless, interested to hear what your trials and tribulations are of the drive… may have to upgrade sometime soon 🙂


  2. That’s the drive I had to replace today (got a new one from the retailer) after about 6 months of using it.
    The drive somehow began to "stop" and the computer freezed. In the end it wasn’t even mountable.


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