An April Fools Prank For Nerds

So let’s say you have a sense of humor and your co-worker fails to lock his or her computer (and they have a sense of humor too [very important]). Checking out the calendar you notice it’s April first, BAM a perfect opportunity has just landed in your lap – now what? First, don’t do anything that will get you fired, because that isn’t really all that funny. So what should we do to this poor sap’s computer?

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VMWhere VM Manager

I have a 16GB Lenovo laptop which I use in my daily work. It runs Windows 7 and while you can install SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 I choose never to do that (you can read more here about why I don’t use Windows 7 as my SharePoint development platform). I am not a big fan of dual, triple, quad, (or whatever comes next) booting, because as soon as I boot into one OS I will likely need to send email or do something which is setup in another OS. I also don’t like running a server OS on my laptop because I use Bluetooth every once in a while and I like the hibernate and sleep functionality Windows 7 provides. So until Windows 8 hits mainstream with its virtualization platform I must resort to running a 3rd party virtualization solution so I chose VMWare Workstation and currently I am running their latest version 8.0.

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