MS11-100 Puts the Breaks On Page Output Caching

UPDATE: The SharePoint Foundation 2010 April 2012 has a fix for this issue. Check out SharePoint Versions for more information.

Back in December Microsoft released a patch they called MS11-100 which addressed a vulnerability in the .Net Framework. In addition to correcting the original issue it introduced a regression which breaks SharePoint’s Page Output Caching. As mentioned in my previous post while SharePoint puts all the constructs in place for Page Output Caching its really ASP.Net which actually stores and manages the Page Output Cache on SharePoint’s behalf. As ASP.Net decides what to cache for SharePoint it looks at the HttpResponse’s Cookies collection and if any new cookies are being set/sent back to the client the page content will not be cached. As a result the next request for the same page which matches the varyby parameters set to SharePoint will result in a cache miss and the page processing again will occur.

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