Employee 45832 Has Left the Building

This Friday, 11-11-11, will mark my last day at Microsoft. After 15 years of working for the best software company in the world I have decided to accept another challenge. I have so many great memories, experiences, and friends this move was not trivial but ultimately could not be passed. I owe so much to Microsoft and all of the co-workers I have ever worked with. When my kids were in the hospital I was worried sick but I did not have worry about any bills or costs for the visits — Microsoft’s health benefits are the best around. Having the opportunity to work with the smartest folks around only made me want to work that much harder and made me a better engineer but more importantly a better person. I have so many friends I have worked with around the world whom have all contributed to my successes and my hope is one day I will have the opportunity to payback what they have so unselfishly provided me.

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