SPC11 Presentations By the Numbers

A few observations after downloading the Power Point presentations from last week’s SharePoint Conference 2011

  • 217 Power Point presentations totaling 1.12 GB
  • Average size for a PPT presentation is 5.5 MB
  • The smallest presentation had a file size of 468K
  • The largest presentation had a file size of about 177 MB (embedded video)
  • The 217 Power Point presentations had a total of 7,659 slides
  • There was on average 35.3 slides per presentation with a median of 33.
  • The most common number of slides in a presentation (mode) is 28.
  • There were no presentations with 46 or 55 slides.
  • The presentation with the most number of slides is SPC237 with 100
  • The presentation with the fewest slides is SPC108 with 7

…and 1 hell of a good time.

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