Fabulous Support for the FAB40 on SharePoint 2010

As most of you will know the SharePoint Product Group (PG) released a set of templates for WSS 3.0, known as the FAB40, to assist in addressing common business scenarios. These templates for WSS 3.0 can be downloaded in a single package here. But for those of us running SharePoint 2010 Microsoft is not planning to release new versions of these templates for SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Foundation 2010.

So where’s the love Microsoft? First remove the shotgun from your mouth and take a look at Samantha’s post on upgrading the FAB 40. Second, and most important, these templates are fully supported by the SharePoint PG and by Microsoft’s Commercial Technical Support (CTS) teams. This means you can open cases with CTS and request fixes for the FAB40 just as you would for any other Microsoft product which is inside its supportability lifecycle. For online support you can head on over to the TechNet Forums and post your question there.

Since Site Template files (.stp) are no longer supported you won’t just be able to apply these to a SharePoint 2010 deployment but you can upgrade sites which were sourced from these templates and you can save sites created from these templates into the new site template format, a wsp file. At this point you now have a wsp file which is based on the FAB40 template and therefore is now supported by Microsoft support.