The User Profile Service Heats up With a June CU Regression

Just in time for summer break here in the US the SharePoint product team has released a good number of fixes for SharePoint 2010. Service Pack 1 and the June Cumulative Update (CU) is now available for download. These are fairly substantial updates when you consider the number of bugs that have been fixed and in the case of SP1 the new improvements which have been made. To put it another way, SharePoint Server 2010 is about 1.47 GB and the Uber Package for the June CU (Foundation+Server) has a size of just about 1 GB.

In the march to continually push up the quality of SharePoint 2010 sometimes we may encounter a speed bump along the way and this is what happened to me today when installing the June 2011 CU on a SharePoint 2010 Server. This is a massive product and the sustained engineer teams have a huge task and frankly are doing a good job to keep things together. They make really tough choices every day around what gets in as a fix and what doesn’t. The team works really hard to ensure regressions do not occur however sometimes these things slip through.

My lab server was running the April CU so I installed the SharePoint Foundation SP1 and the SharePoint Server SP1 binaries and ran psconfig. I confirmed the operation completed successfully by going through the logs and using Central Administration. I then installed the June 2011 June CU Uber package and ran psconfig. I have included the text of that command here:

C:>psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -wait
SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard version 14.0.6009.1000. Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 2010. All rights reserved.
Performing configuration task 1 of 4
Initializing SharePoint Products upgrade…

Waiting to get a lock to upgrade the farm.

Successfully initialized SharePoint Products upgrade.

Performing configuration task 2 of 4
Initiating the upgrade sequence…

Successfully initiated the upgrade sequence.

Performing configuration task 3 of 4
Upgrading SharePoint Products…

Failed to start service ProfileSynchronizationServiceInstance on this server after completing upgrade. Please start it manually.

Successfully upgraded SharePoint Products.

Performing configuration task 4 of 4
Finalizing the SharePoint Products configuration…

Successfully completed the SharePoint Products configuration.

Total number of configuration settings run: 4
Total number of successful configuration settings: 4
Total number of unsuccessful configuration settings: 0
Successfully stopped the configuration of SharePoint Products.
Configuration of the SharePoint Products has succeeded.


As you can see I hit a small issue. The upgrade completed however the UPS service failed to start. I confirmed as much when I took a look at my event log and found this event.

And finally, taking a look in Central Admin Services on Server I can see the User Profile Synchronization Service is Stopped (services.msc confirmed this too).

The error is pretty clear, the FIM service is not a fan of the DB schema on the Sync DB so I decided to reset the sync DB. Now at this point I am about to lose all my UPA settings however I cannot touch the DB and with its schema not in a good spot I really have no other choice. Fortunately we have an article on TechNet that tells you how to go about Resetting your Sync DB. After running through this article I found I could still not get the UPA sync service to start. Looking in the ULS logs I found this error:

UserProfileApplication.SynchronizeMIIS: Failed to configure MIIS pre database, will attempt during next rerun. Exception: System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: ERR_INVALID_GROUPS
at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.Synchronization.ILMPostSetupConfiguration.ValidateConfigurationResult(UInt32 result)
at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.Synchronization.ILMPostSetupConfiguration.ConfigureMiisStage1()
at Microsoft.Office.Server.Administration.UserProfileApplication.SetupSynchronizationService(ProfileSynchronizationServiceInstance profileSyncInstance).


So clearly there is something wrong with the group membership for the UPA service. Knowing I have not changed anything in Active directory or on the machine; and knowing the TechNet article previously wanted me to add the service account (Farm Account) back to the db_owner group I suspect there was something missing in SQL. Looking back at the backup I took of my SyncDB before I blew it away I found a missing group, FIM_SynchronizationService. which my service account (Farm Account) was not a member of. So I created the group with this command and added my account to this group:

CREATE ROLE [FIM_SynchronizationService] AUTHORIZATION [dbo]

So my DB, although empty of tables, views, stored procs, and most importantly data did have a configuration that looked much like my previous DB however I just did something really bad and unsupported – I just edited the DB! The DB is empty and sans of any data so I do run some supportability risk however its probably small but I am not endorsing this approach. So after starting my UPA sync service and waiting it finally started and I was back up and read to start the configuration process again…or at least I thought…

When navigating to the UPA service to configure my synchronization connections I found I was getting a very strange error that I could not connect to SQL. So with UPA somewhat working from SharePoint’s perspective I decided to focus on FIM.

The service binary for FIM is miiserver.exe and its located in %ProgramFiles%Microsoft Office Servers14.0Synchronization Servicebin. It also has a configuration file named miiserver.exe.config. Using the magic of snapshots I reverted back to before I installed the June CU and made note of the contents of this file as captured here:

Going back to my original image and taking another look at this file I can see it has changed as captured here:

See the difference? A new supportedRuntime element was added for the 4.0 version of the .Net framework.I just so happen to have the .Net 4.0 framework installed on my Windows 2008 R2 host OS so the FIM service is now attempting to use that version of the framework.

I commented out the v4 element and restarted both FIM services within services.msc. I then did an IISReset and went back into CA’s UPA configuration for sync connections and all the errors were gone. I then configured a sync connection and did a FULL sync and everything seems to be working again.

5 thoughts on “The User Profile Service Heats up With a June CU Regression

  1. After SP1 + June CU I had the same issue with the ULS showing ERR_Group after provisioning the UPS again. I manually added the FIM_SynchronizationService group in SQL (I dont know if this is actually needed). However modifying the database isnt needed, all you need to do is add your farm service account back in as a local administrator, restart and try to start the service. The database is then automatically provisioned by FIM. Uninstalling the .NET 4.0 extensions and client profile extensions fixed the .NET issue for me.


  2. Hi Todd

    Very interesting. I’ve just done the SP1 , June CU update and i didn’t get that issue even though .Net 4 Framework (Client profile and extended – 4.0.30319) was on the server. It was vanilla RTM I was applying these to so obviously something else specific as well. Just checked the config and only has the 2 v2 entries



  3. I ran into the same issue… I will definitely wait some time before applying the June CU in any of my other environments.

    @Gerard: Thanks for the link…


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