A Search SQL Index Issue

Ran into an issue the other day on SharePoint 2010 Search when configuring Managed Properties, specifically I was setting the MaxCharactersInPropertyStoreIndex value on a Managed Property. This is an integer value and is documented here. The maximum value for this property is 450 however if you set this value to its maximum value you will start seeing errors with your crawls and in our case the crawls never would complete. Taking a look at the application event log we can see the following error logged:

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The User Profile Service Heats up With a June CU Regression

Just in time for summer break here in the US the SharePoint product team has released a good number of fixes for SharePoint 2010. Service Pack 1 and the June Cumulative Update (CU) is now available for download. These are fairly substantial updates when you consider the number of bugs that have been fixed and in the case of SP1 the new improvements which have been made. To put it another way, SharePoint Server 2010 is about 1.47 GB and the Uber Package for the June CU (Foundation+Server) has a size of just about 1 GB.

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