What Sites do I have permissions to?

Just had a conversation with a couple instructors in the speaker room here at the BPUK Conference. What is the most efficient way to get a list of sites a user has permissions to. Search of course, it does the security trimming for you and it has a master list of all sites within SharePoint (assuming you crawl SharePoint sites).

The trick here is to format a Keyword query search with the proper properties, in this case it’s the contentclass property with a value of sts_site. Optionally we might want to add additional constructs which would limit the scope of the search such as using the PATH property and using suffix matching.

So here is a query logged on as the Administrator…


And here is another logged on as Dan Bacon Jr…


3 thoughts on “What Sites do I have permissions to?

  1. Very interesting article!!

    Do you know any search filter to get only site collections with contribution rights?



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