Extending The SharePoint 2010 Health & Usage – Part 1: Feature and Capability Overview

This is the first article in a 4 part series were I discuss the Health & Usage Services built into SharePoint 2010 and how they can be extended to build some very interesting solutions. My hope is that after reading the series you find really cool ways to use the Usage Services and I hope to hear back on what you all have built.

The 4 part series breaks down as so with all parts will be published in quick succession so I won’t keep you waiting for the ending.

  1. Feature and Capability Overview (this article)
  2. Writing a Custom Usage Provider
  3. Writing Custom Reports
  4. Writing a Custom Usage Receiver

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Update a List Item Without Anyone Looking

So lets say you want to change a list item but you don’t want to impact any versioning or having to deal with check-in or check-out, and you don’t want to change the last modified or modified by values. You can do this with the bit of code shown below. Grab the item reference and update the item just as you normally would however rather than calling SPItem.Update() you want to call SPItem.SystemUpdate(). You can check out the TechNet reference if you want to see additional code samples.

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