We Don’t Need No Stinking Patches

Keeping up with WSS, MOSS, SharePoint Foundation, and SharePoint patches can be a challenge. The guys on my team work with many different clients whom typically run at different SharePoint versions and patch levels. Its often we have only version numbers rather than the specific patch or KB which documents an installed patch. In addition, we sometimes have the need to build out lab environments at the same patch level as the client.

Currently we use a crib sheet which documents each patch and version and from time to time makes its way around the team via email. Rather than continue to send out updated versions of this document to the team DL we wanted to make it available in one place and to everyone. The SharePoint version list will be stored at this location: SharePoint Versions I have added a navigation link at the top of this blog to this location as well in case you cannot remember the URL. I have modified the original list by added links to the KB articles and the download locations when available and I hope you find this list useful.

Its important to note this list was originally compiled by Eric Adams, Jose Vigenor, and Brett Smith so when you see these guys at a conference buy them a beer.

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