7 thoughts on “With Managed Metadata You have a Choice

  1. Kick butt!
    Question: Does this custom field type magically allow you to use a Managed Metadata Choice column in the document library Metadata navigation tree?


  2. Hey Larry,
    The custom field control used here is for the editing experiance for when you are adding a new item or editing an item in a list which uses the Managed Metadata Field. I have not looked into the Metadata Navigation, I suspect its implemented much differently.


  3. Todd,

    This is really great. Thank you for taking the time to figure this out and thank you more for being so kind to share this research (with a project to boot). This is truly exceptional.



  4. Hey Todd , thanks for your post , I tried to deploy your solution in 2013 , it did get deployed but when I add the column to the list and go to newform.aspx , I do see the column name label only (the dropdown or checkboxes are not rendered)
    Did you try to do it in 2013 .
    Please let me know.


  5. HI, PLease suggest how to make this work with heirarchial termsets.

    Like i have continents as termset and this has terms europe, America, Africa etc.
    and term has subterms of countries.

    I want to customize the rendering of such a field either through treeview or by any other means


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