Yuletide ULS

In this season of giving why not consider adding ULS logging to your customizations for your SharePoint administrators. When troubleshooting a critical issue around the holidays nothing goes better with the old Eggnog and Jack Daniels than some good old fashion, the way your mama did it, diagnostic logging. In this post I will show you a pattern that I use which not only provides an easy way to add that logging to your SharePoint customizations, e.g.. one method call, but also allows the SharePoint Administrator, tat has to keep your code up and running, the ability to customize and manage the Tracing and Event levels from within Central Administrator just like any other logging component within SharePoint Server 2010.

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How Many Versions Do You Have?

Seems like a simple question however for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 it may be harder than you think to get a solid answer. What is really behind the question is how much space is my versions taking up or to put it another way if I trim my versions how much space will I get back. Unfortunately we have hit upon two shortcomings with SharePoint, 1) there is no out of the box reporting mechanism to give a SharePoint administrator any insight into number of versions or storage and 2) there is no out of the box trimming policy or mechanism which can be applied. For the most part we are left with implementing storage quota and either increasing quota when requested or asking users to do a self trim of documents and/or versions manually.

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Don’t Tell SharePoint The Name of Your SQL Server

SQL Aliases have been around for a while however I am amazed at how many folks either don’t know about them or don’t use them. A SQL Alias is just a really easy way to do a string substitution of a connection string just before a connection is made to a SQL server. The SQL Alias configuration is stored in the registry and the anywhere the server name portion of the connection string matches the server alias the substation is made.

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