Transform Your Search Results

In a previous blog post I talked about how you can use XSLT to display additional Managed properties returned from Search. In this post I want to talk about the method I went about to create the XSLT in the hopes that you find it an interesting enough pattern to use should you find yourself creating some of the same visualizations for Search, the CQWP, Lists, or the BCS WebParts which all use XSL to transform XML into HTML.

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Pimp Document Ratings within SharePoint Search Results

A good friend of mine Steve Peschka did a blog post during the SharePoint 2010 Beta which shows how to include a document’s rating within search results without writing any code. Well its been almost a year since that post and allot of things have changed. Since we RTM’ed SharePoint 2010 there are several key components to that blog that no longer work and this post is an attempt to update and hopefully add a little to the effort he started.

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