Sasquatch Out!

In my previous post I documented a bug in SharePoint where a memory leak can greatly impact that amount of memory you SharePoint WFE will use during the normal processing of web request. The SharePoint PG just recently released the 2010 April CU for WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007. It requires you have Service Pack 2 before installing these cumulative updates but I can tell you that is something you want to invest in.

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Searching For An Error?

So lets say you create a new site based on the Team template and you would like to create a search center site under that same site collection. So you navigate to Site Actions – New Site and maybe you choose the Enterprise Search Center template and provide a name for your new site and hit “Create”. Well you may be presented with an error like this one…The dreaded unexpected error has occurred error, yuk (failure #1).

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Yet Another Possible User Profile Sync Error You May See

I Have had the great honor of hitting a good number of errors while setting up the User Profile Sync service. I documented one error here but when setting up another environment today I hit yet another. The environment in question was a two server setup with one server being the DC and the other SharePoint + SQL Server. I use the farm account CONTOSO\FarmAccount. I setup all Service Applications using the PowerShell script found here and started the services I wanted to run. When I got to starting the User Profile Synchronization Service I would eventually see the following error in the event log.

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Stick With What Got You Here

I think its safe to assume most SharePoint developers which have been working with the product for any length of time have seen code similar to the code below below. Its a common problem, disposable objects which are not disposed. There has been a ton written on this problem and Roger Lamb wrote a great tool called SPDisposeCheck which you run against your assemblies to determine if they may be failing to call Dispose.

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