Keep it Short When Dealing With SharePoint’s PSConfig

Ran into an issue today when setting up my SharePoint 2010 development VM that I suspect a few others may hit as well. I found that no matter what I did I could not get the User Profile Synchronization service to provision. My dev machine is a single-server everything, that is, its a DC, DNS, SQL and SharePoint.After struggling with this for a good while I booted up another VM which was based on RC and discovered that when I navigated to the Services on Server page it showed the name as “sp2010dev” while on my broken box it was “”.

Thinking back a bit — I did a full farm install of SharePoint and when I ran PSConfig I supplied to DNS domain name as my SQL server to host the Configuration DB which also was the location machine name “”. This meant my machine was added to the farm as Fortunately I backed back out to a snapshot I had before I ran PSConfig and I took another run at this problem but this time I supplied to NetBIOS name of “sp2010dev”. This time when I went into the Services on Server page my server showed up as “sp2010dev”. So do you think this fixed my issue? Duh, I am blogging about it aren’t I? Within 3 minutes of starting the User Profile Synchronization Service it went from “Starting” to “Started” and the service was provisioned!


My Repro
1. Run PSConfig on a machine that is also your SQL server.
2. Within PSCOnfig supply the DNS name for your SQL server (which is also the local machine, eg. )
3. Note in services on server the name of the machine is the DNS server name eg.
4. At this point you will never be able to provision/start the User Profile Sync service.

Ensure you always supply the short name (sp2010dev) into PSConfig and not the DNS machine name!

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